TASER® Videos

The TASER® device videos on this page demonstrate the tremendous take-down power of TASER® devices. They discharge a 50,000 volt charge each time the trigger is pulled. Even though most of the TASER® videos below demonstrate what the TASER® device can do with only one pull of the trigger, additional shocks can be administered.

Playlist of TASER® Device in Action!

Watch a TASER® device tame a violent inmate in this video!

Helicopters film a TASER® device dropping this fugitive like "a sack of potatoes"!

TASER® Certification

Watch a TASER® device bring down a man with a knife!

Watch a TASER® device disable a big man in Ontario!

The TASER® device disables a man with two butcher knives!

Watch this demonstration video of the TASER® Pulse in action!

TASER® Device Volunteer Montage

The Salt Lake City Police Department evaluates the TASER® device!

TASER® device drops a man wielding two samurai swords!

When all else failed, a TASER® device brought the bad guy down!

Watch a TASER® device take down a mental patient!

Watch a TASER® device end a stand-off with a man who had a gun!

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