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The TASER® Pulse, TASER® X1, and the TASER® X2 Defender are all on sale! TASER® devices are still the preferred non-firearm choice of professionals! The Stun Gun Superstore is the world's premier source for TASER® information and TASER® product sales. It features over 75 pages dedicated to TASER® products that include TASER® model comparisons, frequently asked questions, TASER® laws, police and military videos, TASER® company information videos, and substantial discounts on TASER® products!

TASER® Devices were first developed in 1969 and have literally saved thousands of lives. Law enforcement officers say TASER® devices have the equivalent stopping power of a 357 Magnum pistol. For regular citizens, the TASER® is considered to be the best non-lethal protection device you can own for your home, business, while in a motor vehicle, or to carry for self-protection. It doesn't matter if the assailant is under the influence of powerful drugs, such as PCP or any other potent drug or alcohol. Furthermore, the darts can connect with anywhere on the assailant's body and still be effective. These units are extremely easy to use and definitely reliable when circumstances require deployment very quickly under stressful situations.

• TASER® devices have been field tested
• TASER® devices have no long lasting effects
• TASER® devices disable assailants from up to 15 feet away (4.5 meters)
• After firing, pop another cartridge in your TASER® device to reload in 2 seconds
• TASER® devices are also equipped with metal prongs that are exposed when not loaded, enabling direct contact stun capability

What is the difference between a TASER® device and a regular stun gun? Many think that any weapon that discharges electricity is a "Taser", however, that is not true. TASER® devices are projectile stun weapons, manufactured only by Axon (formerly TASER® International), of Scottsdale, AZ. All TASER® models can be defined as stun guns, however, are more accurately defined as "projectile stun weapons". TASER® devices fire two darts at a distance of up to 15 feet, disabling attackers from a safe distance. All stun guns are not a TASER® device. "Stun guns" that are not manufactured by Axon and do not fire darts, but are "direct contact" devices. A direct contact stun gun user must actually touch assailants with the unit to disable them. In addition, many question if direct contact stun guns are more powerful than TASER® devices, being their voltage is so much higher. Actually TASER® devices deliver a stronger shock than higher voltage direct contact stun guns, being all TASER® models' wattage and amperage output is much higher. Even though higher voltage direct contact stun guns are effective in disabling assailants at close range, all TASER® models have more take down power, and disable assailants from 15 feet away. Watch the informative video concerning the difference between a TASER® device and a direct contact stun gun.

Why buy from the Stun Gun SuperStore? We have sold TASER® products since January of 2004. Purchase from a company who will stand by you for many years to come. Our customer support representatives are always ready to answer your questions. For any questions or concerns, you can always visit our CONTACT US page. Orders placed by 2pm, ship the day that they are placed. A TASER® device can totally incapacitate even the most aggressive assailant from up to 15 feet away. The TASER® device is used by thousands of law enforcement agencies, security officers, military personnel, bounty hunters, private investigators, body guards and private citizens throughout the world. This website offers an abundance of TASER® information, including TASER® demonstration videos, frequently asked questions, product comparisons and more. Compare all TASER® model features, voltage, popularity, etc. by clicking here

Note: To protect your privacy, all packages show "World Net Enterprises" as the sender. "Next Day", "Two Day" and "Three Day" delivery orders must be placed by 2:00 P.M U.S. Central time to ship the day they are placed.

Note: To protect your privacy, all packages show "World Net Enterprises" as the sender.

"Next Day", "Two Day" and "three Day" delivery orders must be placed by 2:00 P.M U.S. Central time.

LEGAL in most States

The TASER® device is not classified as a firearm by the FTA. It is lawful for citizens to carry them in 48 states. To view a "Law Statutes Summary" concerning concealed carry, carrying openly and the overall use of TASER® devices, click here.