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by David Finley
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May name is David Finley, CEO of World Net Enterprises, Inc., parent company of the Stun Gun Superstore. This is our first post to our new blog. In this blog we will relay information and opinions concerning many of the products that we sell, including TASER® devices, direct contact stun guns, pepper spray products, personal and home defense products and much more. We will also share demonstration videos of our products from time to time. We have been an authorized TASER® dealer since January of 2004, resulting in selling thousands of TASER® devices to law enforcement, security personnel, fugitive recovery agents and regular citizens. Over the years, we have received a substantial amount of feedback concerning actual TASER® deployments, stun gun encounters and many other testimonies from customers who stated the product(s) they purchased from us literally saved their or a family member's life. As time goes by we will share some of the testimonies through this blog.

Thank you for taking an interest in following what we have to say. Any and all feedback will be very much appreciated.


Thank you for your inquiry below. The manufacturer of Taser devices, Axon has yet to equip any of their projectile stun guns with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can only be charged so many times to full capacity. Batteries are definitely improving year after year, but Axon has yet to install them in their devices.
Hello, I am shopping for a taser for home defense (civilian). I was looking at the Taser Pulse but have been reading that the batteries die without warning and are not rechargeable. Are rechargeable batteries available for the Taser 7 CQ?
Thank you!
A store clerk in New York city was charged with murder for defending himself. The cashier of a New York City bodega convenience store was arrested on murder charges early Saturday morning, 7/2/2022 in connection to a deadly stabbing that police actually called self-defense. Much of the incident was even captured on video. It was obvious that the clerk had reason to believe that he was in danger of being badly hurt, possibly even in danger of his life. After some jail time, paying $50,000 bail, enduring a hearing and possibly a trial, and experiencing a substantial amount of grief, the clerk will probably be acquitted. Still, it is unfortunate that the assailant was killed after the store clerk stabbed him with a kitchen knife. On the other hand, if the clerk had used a Taser device to incapacitate the assailant until local law enforcement could assist, the clerk's problems would be virtually non-existent. Guns and knives can kill, Taser devices only neutralize. This is why Taser devices have become the most popular less-than lethal self-defense device on the market today.

We at Stun Gun Superstore will keep the store clerk, as well as the assailant's family in our thoughts and prayers.
Yes stun guns provide excellent protection. The Runt Stun Gun found at also includes a pepper spray. The stun gun also is equipped with a wrist strap/disable pin. This prevents the attacker from taking the unit away and using it on you. Dave
I was attacked about 5years ago,, I'm still broken. He got me from behind in a room & I still can smell his grossness. I wanted a small gun but my friends say if I miss a beat the gun can be used on me..I want & need protection. This sounds like a good way to protect yourself... right?