Launching Stun Gun Superstore Blog

by David Finley
Stun Gun Superstore Blog
May name is David Finley, CEO or World Net Enterprises, Inc., parent company of the Stun Gun Superstore. This is our first post to our new blog. In this blog we will relay information and opinions concerning many of the products that we sell, including TASER® devices, direct contact stun guns, pepper spray products, personal and home defense products and much more. We will also share demonstration videos of our products from time to time. We have been an authorized TASER® dealer since January of 2004, resulting in selling thousands of TASER® devices to law enforcement, security personnel, fugitive recovery agents and regular citizens. Over the years, we have received a substantial amount of feedback concerning actual TASER® deployments, stun gun encounters and many other testamonies from customers who stated the product(s) they purchased from us litterally saved their or a family member's life. As time goes by we will share some of the testamonies through this blog. Thank you for taking an interest in following what we have to say. Any and all feedback will be very much appreciated.


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