TASER® Devices Now Legal In Hawaii

1/1/2022 - TASER® Devices and direct contact stun guns are now legal for both citizen and law enforcement use in the state of Hawaii, however, they must be purchased from a local licensed dealer. The new state law requires the following conditions must be met.

  • The buyer must be at least 21 years of age.
  • TASER® dealers must perform a felony background check.
  • The dealer must present a copy of the background check to the buyer, in addition to a declaration that states that the background check is accurate and that the buyer has no pending criminal convictions.
  • The buyer must sign the declaration before the TASER® device is delivered to them.
  • The buyer must complete a TASER® training course after receipt of the TASER® device.

Witness the Power of a 50,000 Volt TASER® Device!

Many law enforcement agencies, security companies, and military installations require personnel to take a hit from a TASER® Device, before they are allowed to carry a TASER® Device. Watch the certification event below!

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